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WA B502 Shower Bath Combi £4,795.00 includes VAT
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This unit is predominately designed to be asteam shower unit but also incorporates a good sized bath, perfect for bathing children or even pets.

Both bath and shower offer individual body jets which are re-positionable so you can be sure to hit the right muscles and totally relax. In-built storage and towel rails mean you wont need to buy as much bathroom storage as you may have done.

The chunky and solid design of this steam shower / whirlpool bath unit reflects the strength and durability of this enclosure. Built from top grade fibreglass and 8mm safety glass this unit is long lasting and low maintenance. You also have the option to select blue or grey smoked glass for an extra £30.00.

Optional bathroom installation can be arranged by calling Springwave’s Sales team. Our fitters are experienced and can install your whirlpool bath / steam shower combination unit in less than a day. Springwave also offer the option of complimentary bathroom design using the latest CAD software to enable you to plan the incorporation of your new unit into your bathroom

If you like this unit you will love our range of steam showers.

Steam Showers Dimensions: 1600 l × 900 w × 2200 h (mm)
63.04 l × 35.46 w × 86.68 h (inch)
Model: WA-B502

Shower Bath Combi

Product Features
  • Computer Control (with remote control)
  • Feature allowing the water temperature to fluctuate between hot and cold. The theory relates to health benefits caused by the rapid expansion and contraction of the vascular system which improves blood flow and reduces the risk of a number of diseases.
    Scottish Shower feature
  • Needle
    Water jets that allow the user to direct pressurised warm water at target areas of the body to alleviate pain or strain.
    hydro massage jets
  • Rain drencher shower
  • Sole massager
  • Hand shower
  • Ozone is used to kill bacteria in water, it also removes odour and destroys pollutants.
    Ozone cleaning function
  • Built in telephone which allows for calls to be made and received. Includes a keypad for dialling, a built in microphone and speakers to allow for hands free calls.
    Phone answering and calls facility
  • Ceiling mounted light source that cycles through the colour spectrum. Believed to relax and relieve stress. The user may also select a single light colour.
    Chromatherapy lighting
  • FM Radio
  • External CD Input
  • Integrated thermostatic mixer to control the filling water temperature. This feature ensures that the bath, once filled, is at the perfect temperature to bathe. No more messing around with the cold tap!
    Water temperature control
  • A thermostatic mixer is a valve that mixes or blends hot and cold water together to a specific temperature, thus creating a constant water temperature that is safe and helps to avoid scalding.
    Thermostatic mixer
  • Massage Bathtub
  • Pump protection circuit that will not allow the pump to in cases where the pump is not receiving enough water.
    Protection from water shortage function
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General Features

Chromatherapy Chromatherapy
Our baths and showers have in-built chromatherapy mood lighting. You can choose the colour of light (7 options) that suits your mood. Chromatherapy lighting is widely proven to assist in relaxing and mood control
Read More »
Hand Shower Hand Shower
Removable hand shower unit with adjustable height shower rail. Perfect for when you do not want to get your hair wet using the overhead drencher. Also very practical in assisting in cleaning the unit
Read More »
Control Panel (Buttons) Control Panel (Buttons)
The steam shower control panel allows you choose the shower experience you have. Pick and choose from a wide variety of features to customise your daily routine.
Folding Seat Folding Seat
The luxurious folding seat provides seating while you enjoy your steam shower, or simply fold it away for additional space.
Read More »
Thermostatic Mixer Thermostatic Mixer
Thermostatic cartridges are an essential with steam showers, showers and whirlpool baths. Thermostatic mixers, automatically mix the hot and cold water to the correct desired temperature, They also have a safety feature that reduce the risk of scalding by preventing sudden temperature fluctuation.
Read More »
Shelf Shelf
The shelf is perfect for storing all of your shower and bathroom products and accessories. Manufactured from chromed brass
Read More »
Body Jets Body Jets
Several body jets have been carefully located to offer the best experience in invigoration. Fully adjustable, the shower / whirlpool bath modes are endless.
Read More »
Radio Radio
The radio and speaker allows you listen to your favourite tunes in the shower / whirlpool bath. Control the volume or stations at the push of a button.
Read More »
Rain Drencher Rain Drencher
The large overhead rain shower drencher is included. This offers a natural, revitalizing rainfall experience.
Read More »
RCD Protection RCD Protection
To give protection to both the user and the unit, a Residual Current Device offers a safety cut-off, if an unbalanced flow of current is detected.
Read More »

Technical Features

Adjustable Feet Adjustable Feet
This unit includes adjustable feet to allow you to raise or lower the unit enabling maximum stability.
Aluminium Frame Aluminium Frame
The main frame of this unit is made from 100% high quality aluminium.
Fiberglass Tray Fiberglass Tray
Fibreglass is a material made from extremely fine fibres of glass. This unit’s tray is made from 100% high quality 10mm fibre glass.
Glass Walls Glass Walls
Every wall in this unit is constructed using 100% toughened safety glass.
TIG Welded TIG Welded
This unit’s tray frame is constructed from 100% high quality stainless steel with TIG welding. TIG welding is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

Review Video

Learn about what our customers say about our units, they talk about things they like as well as the benefits of having one. The point of this video is to help you understand the quality of the product your buying and to prove to you that what your buying will make you 100% satisfied.


Please note that all pictures of products and services are correct as of the time they were uploaded to our site. Some products may have been updated with slightly new features, colour or surface treatment/finish and technology. Gallery pictures and any additional item illustration are there to assist as a reference only to a concept. If you are unsure please contact sales on 08450 17 10 38 who will be very happy indeed to assist with any queries or required confirmations.

Springwave Delivery Services Delivery Information
All our items are based on a next working day delivery*
The delivery will be based on an all day call (9:00am - 5.00pm)
*dependant on stock availability and delivery location
Delivery Cost - £95.00
Please do not arrange workmen or remove any essential fittings in your bathroom until you have received the goods. Although we try our best to provide a reliable delivery service, some delays can occur.
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Please contact us by telephone or through our online chat (available during office hours), at anytime during your decision making process for further information or advice. Our team are highly professional and have extensive product, and water and heating systems knowledge. We are happy to offer advice and guidance to enable you to achieve your dream bathroom.


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