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Springwave is proud to present our fantastic selection of exquisite bathroom furniture, luxurious steam showers, deluxe Jacuzzi and exclusive whirlpool baths and saunas.

Our steam shower enclosures are modern and affordable and are supplied in a range of colours (including black, white, blue and mirror finish). Our products boast features such as chromotherapy, body jet massage, hydrotherapy and radio/MP3 connectivity.

Springwave's range of one and two person whirlpool bath tubs and bath and shower combination units also feature chromotherapy and hydromassage technology, a perfect partner for a steam shower.

We deliver nationwide and offer bathroom installation and bathroom design services. Our specialist, technical team are happy to advise our customers on an appropriate steam shower to bringing out the best in your bathroom.

Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
Steam Shower
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We offer one of the largest selections of Steam Showers in the market, so you're guaranteed to find one that fits in with your style.

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All our Whirlpool Baths are top quality and we have a wide selection to choice from.

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We offer a great selection of Solid Natural Stone Products from Basins to baths and shower trays.

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Easy-to-install toilets with Siphonic flushing system and fully glazed inside and out.

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Our luxury shower panel with body jets and adustable shower head, is a simple way to upgrade your existing shower while being affordable and easy to install.

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Undecided on if you want a shower or bath? Why not get both?
Our huge selection of Steam Showers and Whirlpool Bath combi's can do just that for you.

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Bristol Showroom

Steam showers are the ultimate in luxury showering and are believed to have numerous health and relaxation benefits.

All of our steam showers feature chromotherapy (colour therapy) lighting, a mood enhancing light effect. Advanced models feature foot massagers, body jets, FM radio and MP3 connectivity options. Our range is available in many shapes and colours to fit in with your perfect bathroom, including sleek, elegant black.

Beneficial Effects of a Steam Shower

Perspiration glands (exocrine glands) are found under the skin are required for body temperature regulation (thermoregulation) in all mammals. In humans, apocrine and merocrine perspiration glands form the primary method of cooling the body. Perspiration glands that release their secretions into hair follicles around armpits, hairline and in the groin are apocrine glands. These glands produce a viscous, cloudy, and potentially odorous secretion. They begin secreting at puberty; the sweat produced may be acted upon by bacteria, which produce waste, causing a noticeable odor. Merocrine perspiration glands (also known as eccrine perspiration glands) are far more numerous and widely distributed than apocrine glands. The adult integument contains around 3 million merocrine glands. The clear secretion produced by merocrine glands is termed sweat, or sensible perspiration. Perspiration is comprised mostly of water, but also contains electrolytes. The presence of sodium chloride gives perspiration a salty taste. Merocrine glands have three primary functions:
  • Cooling the surface of the skin and reducing body temperature.
  • Providing a significant excretory route for water and electrolytes, as well as for a number of prescription and non prescription drugs. Perspiring removes impurities from the skin, reducing pimples, blackheads and many other skin ailments.
  • Protection from environmental hazards by diluting harmful chemicals and discouraging growth of microorganisms, leading to a higher resistance against eczema, athlete's foot etc. Many bacterial and viral agents do not survive well at temperatures higher than normal body temperature.

The heat and humidity of our steam shower enclosures cause the pores in your skin to open, softening and cleansing the skin and improving blood circulation. The generated steam induces your body to produce perspiration that carries excess salts (linked to hypertension) and toxins (including heavy metals such as copper, lead, zinc and mercury) out deep from within the body.

In a steamy environment your body can expel as much heavy metals in 15 minutes through perspiration as your kidneys can in 24 hours. Steam showers also help clear your respiratory system and reduce congestion; these benefits, as well as others can be further improved by the use of essential oils or loose herbs. Steam induced perspiration draws out lactic acid, which causes muscle stiffness and contributes to general fatigue.

The physical benefits are not all there is to be offered by our Springwave Steam Shower range. The psychological benefits of the relaxing steam shower experience can have a huge effect on overall mental health and sense of wellbeing.

Some people believe they have improved cholesterol levels as a result of the use of steam showers, although this is has not been medically proven.

What is the Difference between a Sauna and a Steam Shower?

Saunas and steam showers work by slightly different methods.

Saunas generate high heat levels, 40-50, and low humidity, ideally 10-20% (this level of heat without any humidity can be damaging to the respiratory system). Saunas require you shower before (to keep the sauna clean) and after (to cool down) but are not built into the same cabinet.

Steam showers operate at lower temperatures with 95-100% humidity and are a steam room combined with a shower in one unit.

Both systems however produce the same results - perspiration.

Sauna technology has been in use for over 2500 years, first recorded in use by the Roman's.

The Scandinavians are believed to have been using saunas prior to 500 BC. Saunas and steam showers are a clearly proven technology as opposed to newer technology, such as infra-red rays (a form of electromagnetic radiation) which effectively "cook" the body and lack the effects of convection and conduction. This technology relies on radiated heat to induce perspiration, any part of the body not in direct line of site with the emitter will not benefit.

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